Story + Mission

Meet Deleshia Taylor, Founder and Head Stylist of StyleUncuffed!

Deleshia who often goes by DTaylor, currently resides in Miami and works with clients on a local, national and international scale. She has 15+ years of fashion knowledge thanks to her time working within the Luxury Boutique profession. 

She continuously works with versatile clients —  allowing her to really sharpen her skills + practice her craft through different and unique angles of life.

D’s portfolio includes styling clients for the Red Carpet, Music/Movie Award Shows, Professional Athletes (basketball, football, soccer,) Netflix, and renowned Artists of many genres. 

At StyleUncuffed our mission with every client, is to actively listen.
Listen to your goals, your unique way of living, your schedule and coordinate smoothly around that, through pristine communication.  

Creating outfits that align with your personality is extremely satisfying for me and I am so grateful to do what I do. The entire process from start to finish brings me so much joy.